We have a Senior Library & a Junior Library for all age groups with valuable books.

The Senior Library

The Senior Library has over 5,000 books in all three languages: English; Sinhala; and Tamil and could accommodate sixty students at any given time. An equal opportunity of borrowing books is afforded to all students. The books that are available, cover various disciplines, whilst a few of it are in languages such as French and Pali.

The Senior Library caters to students from Grade 9 to Grade 13. 
The reference section is also very well equipped with books on almost every subject.

The Junior Library

The ‘Reading Room’, which came into being since 1991 is the precursor of the Junior Library, housed in the new building in the year 2008. The new location now affords an opportunity to students from grade 6-10, to improve the reading skills and grasp knowledge in a wider range of disciplines.

The Library also provides the children with daily newspapers, magazines, storybooks, and articles, and also affords them an opportunity of viewing documentary programs.

The books in the library are available in all three languages: Sinhala; Tamil; and English.